Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cross Country Running

On Friday 18th of February I went to cross country running,I was really nervous but I stayed calm. My teacher said to take our jumper but I couldn't hear her so I didn't bring it.Eizzah came also,when we arrived I didn't know it was going to be cold but it was really cold. The under 9 girls went first that was me I ran as fast as I could but at the beginning my heart started hurting so I slowed down a bit but I kept on running. At the end I got a spot prize it was a water bottle I came in 36th place. Then it was the under 9 boys turn they were really fast there was Gilson,Kallem and Kieren.Then the under 11 girls Eizzah was there she ran as fast as she could but yasmine beat her I thought she was fast but she is faster than me.Then it was the under 11 boys turn Javeec was fast but Kallem his little brother was faster that is what Kallem said. We went in the cloak room to get warm then we went outside to see them announce the winning team I don't actually know who it was but we didn't get anything but it is alright we still took part and had fun,they said they would give out certificate and I am alright with that.

By Humaira Hizamel

I will write another entry about atheletics.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Ikley River Part 1

On Sunday me and my family and friends went to  Ikley river.My family arrived first and then Aiman and Naim family came. We changed into different clothes. Aiman and Naim got their boat and we ride in it. I had to ride with Aiman. An then when Eizzah came, she wanted to hold the rope. So we don't float away or flip over and drowned. And Naim saw a stick but he thought it was a snake and then he said that stick hissed at him. And he lost his slipper for no reason.Naim said "It was a snake it was a snake it hissed at me" then he said "If you don't think it was a snake give me proof".Then it was Hasya and Naim's turn we pushed them to the water and Naim started to scream and jump out of the boat and ran liked a chicken.But Hasya wasn't scared she just laugh. Then we said Hasya and me can ride together. Then it was me and Aiman turn but hasya didn't want to get out of the boat. But we forced her to get out of the boat. Finally Eizzah pushed the boat and me and Aiman  got to the stick and showed it at Naim.  I said "Here's the proof!". Then Humayra Eran came with Insyira and Humayra said "Can I play?" and we said "yes!".

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Animal Jokes

Who's there
Larva who
larva cup of cofee

Who's there
Amos who

Who's there
Flea who
Fle's a jolly good feller

Did you hear about the flea who
failed his exams?
he didn't come up to scratch

Did you hear about a boy who
wanted to run away to the circus?
he ended up in a flea circus

Did you hear about the religous moth?
he gave up wollens for lint

Did you hear about the angry flea?
he was hopping mad

Did you hear about the bloke who
set up a flea circus?
he started it from scratch

What do you get if you cross a
witch and a flea?
very worried dogs

What kind of gum does bees chew?

Which queen can never where a crown?
a queen bee

Where do bees come from?

Why do bees have sticky hair?
because of the honey combs

Why do bees go on strike?
because they wanted more honey
and shorter working flower

What did the confused bee say?
to bee or not to bee

What are bees favorite flowers?

What do you call a bee who has a spell put on him?

Who rote books for little kids?
bee-trix potter

Why do bees hum?
because they forgotten the words

What did the mommy bee say to the naughty little bee?
bee-hive yourselk

What is a bee-line?
the shortest distance between two

What goes hum choo hum choo?
a bee with a cold

Who is a bee favorite composer?

What are the cleverest bees?
spelling bees

Which bee is good for your health?
Vitamin bee

Monday, 28 June 2010

Hadith of the Day

It is part of glorifying Allah That you show respect to a gray haired muslim and also to one who teaches the Qur'an.

Abu Daud

June 28

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Milo Recipe

How to Make Milo

What You Need:            Utensils:
Milo                                 two spoons 
Sugar                               mug/cup   
Water                               kettle  

1.         Put the Milo dust in a cup not much.
2.         Pour some sugar in the cup only two tea spoon.
3.         Then stir the sugar and the Milo dust together
4.         Add some water to the cup get it from the kettle not so hot.
5.         Mix it until you see only a bit of Milo dust.
6.         After a while put some milk into the cup and put it in the oven to make it hot only 20 second.
7.         Then sit down and drink it all up.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cambrige - Mathematical bridge

On 2nd of April after my birthday I went to Cambrige. I went punting in a river Cam. During the punting session I saw a series of bridges. One of the bridges is called the mathematical bridge. I search in the wikipedia about the bridge and the following is the explaination.
" The Mathematical Bridge is the popular name of a wooden bridge across the River Cam, between two parts of Queens' College, Cambridge. Its official name is simply the Wooden Bridge.

The bridge was designed by William Etheridge, and built by James Essex in 1749. It has been rebuilt on two occasions, in 1866 and in 1905, but has kept the same overall design.

The original "mathematical bridge" was another bridge of the same design, also designed by James Essex, crossing the Cam between Trinity and Trinity Hall, where Garret Hostel bridge now stands."

the mathematical name comes from this:

"The arrangement of timbers is a series of tangents that describe the arc of the bridge, with radial members to tie the tangents together and triangulate the structure, making it rigid and self supporting. This type of structure, technically tangent and radial trussing, is an efficient structural use of timber, and was also used for the timber supporting arches (centring) used for building stone bridges."

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Roses are very beautiful it smells nice i love roses. There are purple rose, blue rose, green rose, yellow rose and red rose. My most favourite is the purple rose. I like the purple rose because it is really beautiful, smells really realy nice and thats it i think. Bye Bye