Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cross Country Running

On Friday 18th of February I went to cross country running,I was really nervous but I stayed calm. My teacher said to take our jumper but I couldn't hear her so I didn't bring it.Eizzah came also,when we arrived I didn't know it was going to be cold but it was really cold. The under 9 girls went first that was me I ran as fast as I could but at the beginning my heart started hurting so I slowed down a bit but I kept on running. At the end I got a spot prize it was a water bottle I came in 36th place. Then it was the under 9 boys turn they were really fast there was Gilson,Kallem and Kieren.Then the under 11 girls Eizzah was there she ran as fast as she could but yasmine beat her I thought she was fast but she is faster than me.Then it was the under 11 boys turn Javeec was fast but Kallem his little brother was faster that is what Kallem said. We went in the cloak room to get warm then we went outside to see them announce the winning team I don't actually know who it was but we didn't get anything but it is alright we still took part and had fun,they said they would give out certificate and I am alright with that.

By Humaira Hizamel

I will write another entry about atheletics.

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  1. hellooo...yasmine didn't beat me eve did...:(